The Problem

One of the main causes of subsidence are tree roots, these soak up water in the soil & this creates movement as the soil expands/contracts making the area under the existing footing unstable.

This can then cause the existing footings to fail as you and see in the image to the left.

Damaged drains can also contribute towards subsidence. A lot of subsidence problems area a result of drains leaking into the ground causing soil erosion beneath a building's foundations.

The Solution

Anti Heave Materials maybe used to protect from soil movement/expansion.
Dowel Bars are used to connect and strengthen the concrete bases.

Dry Pack Layer is added to compensate for any shrinkage in the concrete.

Polythene slip membrane layers are added.

A larger mass concrete base is added under the existing footing. The specification/size of this will be in accordance to our structural engineers design which is unique each individual job.

Final Result

Once the new underpinning has been completed you can compare the original footings with the new and see how much more stable these are.

The depth, width and overall strength of the footing has been greatly improved, which will create total stability and prevent any future movement.